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's down right chilly in the north bay. napa down to 36, compared to the temperatures 24 hours ago. we had the winds going. the firefighters will be bundled up tonight, and the temperatures 25 degrees cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago. as we move away to the wind story to chilly temperatures, and doing a number out towards solano county. we have a freeze warning in effect out toward srae yea hoe. winds may pick up a little in the north bay, but likely staying in the wind gusts of 20 miles per hour as we head into the afternoon on sunday. back to you. >>> crews say another wildfire burning in the wine country for the past two days is now 100% contained. it burned 100 acres north of napa, and destroyed one out building and the cause is under investigation. >>> new at 11:00, police are investigating the shooting death of a man that happened in capital block in the 2500 block in bambi lane. >> reporter: police say they started to get calls at 4:30 this afternoon about a man who was shot in that park when officers arrived they say they found a man dead. the victim has not been identified. t
few lawyers around the delta and napa and the central coast. otherwise we are looking at a typically cool start. numbers in the upper 30s in our inland valleys. otherwise upper 40s to near 50 around the bay and in the mid-40s coastside. by noontime well into the 60s, low to mid-60s bay and inland. the coast not far behind. today the warm effort day out of the next seven with potentially low 70s around the bay. quick cooling tonight and the potential for a freeze watch as soon as tomorrow. details on that. and the blustery conditions headed our way. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. familily members of a bay area man held captive in north korea are happy to see the 85-year-old korean war vet is in good health. he appears in a videotape released this weekend by north korean state-run news agency. the palo alto man is apologizing for his role in the north korean war. he said he secretly trained anti-communists during the war. lisa has the latest >> laid the munitions for it, using explosives obtained from attacking the mine. >> reporter: merrill newman read from what the state news agency ca
will be today. a look at live doppler 7hd. yesterday we had tons of fog. there was fog from napa, by the delta, also a little bit along the central coast. but overall we are clear and cold out there just by a couple degrees cooler than yesterday morning. here's a look from our roof camera. and nice view here with the mildest reading in san francisco. 44 in oakland. good morning, redwood city. it's 42 there. and 44 for you in los gatos. half moon bay at 45 degrees. nice vantage point from our sutro tower camera where we will enjoy another beautiful afternoon. upper 30s. it's a cold start once again. napa, santa rosa, a little fog there. look at temperatures in the upper 30s by the delta. low 40s for concord and livermore sitting the 40 degrees this morning. and finally our exploratorium camera where you will notice the lights out there and the forecast highlights. clear and cold with a little bit of patchy fog. warmest day today. numbers will reach 70 degrees. maybe a little warmer than that on the far north end of the bay and perhaps in the santa clara valley. over into the east bay almost as
about 300 acres north of napa. firefighters say they have it about 80% contained tonight. the fire started two days ago and destroyed one out building. there are no reports of injury. the cause is under investigation. >>> then the other fires burning north of sonoma kroirngs much larger, burned 3,500 acres so far in the geyser area. the strong winds is making it tough for firefighters to contain the flames. firefighters have this fire about 25% contained and it started yesterday. >>> winds of course always a major challenge for crews on the fire lines. >> let's check in with rob mayeda for wind conditions. >> improving conditions. we're seeing wind speeds back off. the reason why the red fg warning has been dropped for the north bay. wind speeds five to ten miles per hour. humidity levels were in the teens now but starting to introduce 26% 240% humidity levels in the north bay. even though a warm day with highs in the mid-60s that cool dry air settling into the bay area, setting us up now going from fire danger to a chilly tonight. we sometimes use the dew point treatment as a prox
38 for napa and 44 degrees in -- santa rosa and 38 for napa and 44 degrees for livermore. numbers tomorrow, low to middle 60s, san francisco, 62. right about where we should be this time of the year. 61 degrees, warmer than average, san jose, 65 degrees, that is average. 66 down in morgan hill. you head out tomorrow, half- moon bay, going back to my betkpweupbgses. half-moon bay, 68 degrees. out on the east bay, looking at numbers in the middle 60s, now 52 degrees in napa and up in in the north bay looking at numbers in the middle 60s. 58 degrees at the home of the birds, alfred hitchcock shot. now, far north, for this time of the the year, mild side. 69 degrees, plenty of sunshine. extended forecast, sunshine around the bay area are for the next couple of days, temperatures in the middle 60s inland. on thursday, the low pressure gets close. the number comes down a touch. then a be chance of rain coming down in the bay area. not here for long, then, warming it up as we head towards the weekend. >> and moving towards the surface of the sun. how soon this comet can put on a big show
from the sutro tower camera. 41 in napa and 39 in novato. mid40s in concord and livermore and one final live view from our rooftop camera and looking at the embarcadero we will have our second consecutive spare the air day. this pattern will be with us through the weekend, but we will have much, much cooler weather. the temperatures are going to plummet. here is a look at our satellite image and you can see the clouds pushing through southern california early today. they have dissipated. right now it is dry and we will have a nice, dry, mild, holiday weekend in the bay area as well. we will start our forecast animation. we may see a few high clouds creep through during the early morning and overnight hours. midday into the afternoon we will look at sunny and mild conditions. once again tomorrow and on sunday. here is a look at our overnight lows. as i mentioned earlier we will see a few high clouds swopping through. sweeping through. the low temperatures generally around a area will be in the low to mid40s. it will be chillier up north. upper 30s in santa rosa and napa and fairfield 38,
and half moon bay. a look over san francisco on this clear night from the sutro tower camera. 41 in napa and 39 in novato. mid40s in concord and livermore and one final live view from our rooftop camera and looking at the embarcadero we will have our second consecutive spare the air day. this pattern will be with us through the weekend, but we will have much, much cooler weather. the temperatures are going to plummet. here is a look at our satellite image and you can see the clouds pushing through southern california early today. they have dissipated. right now it is dry and we will have a nice, dry, mild, holiday weekend in the bay area as well. we will start our forecast animation. we may see a few high clouds creep through during the early morning and overnight hours. midday into the afternoon we will look at sunny and mild conditions. once again tomorrow and on sunday. here is a look at our overnight lows. as i mentioned earlier we will see a few high clouds swopping through. sweeping through. the low temperatures generally around a area will be in the low to mid40s. it will be chill
the sutro tower camera. 41 in napa and 39 in novato. mid40s in concord and livermore and one final live view from our rooftop camera and looking at the embarcadero we will have our second consecutive spare the air day. this pattern will be with us through the weekend, but we will have much, much cooler weather. the temperatures are going to plummet. here is a look at our satellite image and you can see the clouds pushing through southern california early today. they have dissipated. right now it is dry and we will have a nice, dry, mild, holiday weekend in the bay area as well. we will start our forecast animation. we may see asgh clouds creep through during the early morning and overnight hours. midday into the afternoon we will look at sunny and mild conditions. once again tomorrow and on is a look here is a look at our overnight lows. as i mentioned earlier we will see a few high clouds swopping through. sweeping through. the low temperatures generally around a area will be in the low to mid40s. it will be chillier up north. upper 30s in santa rosa and napa and fairfield 38, 39
ratches of rain. >>> cal fire says a fire burning in napa county is contained. it started thursday night at silverado trail. the orders were lifted yesterday. crews are in mop up mode. >>> high winds are making it difficult to contain. the warning just expired. >> we have conditions the firefighters faced and the break they will get tonight. >> reporter: strong winds through this morning. they have been coming down over the last few hours. you can see the wind gusts. the winds this morning were 50 miles per hour. that trend will continue into tomorrow morning and the rest of the weekend. conditions around the fire zone, winds sustained at 6 miles per hour. we will have more in the 5-day forecast. >>> it is going to be a lengthy clean up after this week's wind storm. a fallen pine tree, they almost received 200 calls for service after thursday night's storm. customers in the bay area are still without power. you will find photos under our images tab on the website. >>> police are on the scene of a shooting in capital park. there are two victim and no word on the extent of the injuries. we
as well. one burned about 300 acres north of napa in the southern canyon area. it's about 80% contained. it started two days ago. no reports of injuries. the cause is under investigation. >>> the other fires burning north of sonoma county is much larger. it's burned 3,500 acres so far in the geyser area. the problem for this fire is strong winds making it tough for firefighters to contain the flames. this fire is about 25% contained and it started yesterday. >>> on the peninsula a fire in burlingame burned several apartments. the fire marshal said there was concern the fire would spread to the nearby downtown area so they had to work quickly to get it contained. kimberly tere in burlingame right now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that same fire marshal tells us the age of the building and also its shiningled siding you see there accelerated the fire which started before 4:00 a.m. also no automatic sprinklers inside the building since it was built before they were mandated. one building went up in flames and damaged the adjacent building. no one was at the home where
is at 64 and fremont and palo alto and 65 in san jose and concord is 53 and livermore is 65 and 64 in napa and santa rosa. the temperatures tonight are as cold as this morning reasonable not so cold because of the high clouds that will roll in during the evening and overnight showers with 30's inland, and most of us in the low-to-mid upper 40's. as far as what will happen we will have the system come on down, it will spread the high clouds over us and temperatures are about the same tomorrow maybe a degree or to cooler and then it looks like it will stay far enough offshore that wednesday and thursday barely a chance of rain with temperatures in the 50's to mid-60's and best chance of rain is headed to southern california on thursday and friday. that is where the low is wanting to come inland. saturday and sunday the temperatures could be near 70 inland. >> don't leave the stuffing out in the rain. >> good morning, everyone, we have construction happening in the east bay at the nimitz. the on-ramp to southbound 880 is going to be closed until 6:00 this morning. otherwise, everything else i
at 41 and 43 in napa and los gatos and 44 in san jose, san ramon, mountain view, 45 and hayward or livermore, at 48 and oakland at 49 and san francisco is 52 degrees, the mild spot. from our roof camera downtown into the bay bridge this is the backdrop, mostly cloudy but cleaner air today and it is not a "spare the air" day. thanksgiving is trending dry. it will be dry and mild all the way through monday. we all the shopping and all the holidays, the big holiday travel days are quiet around here. most of us should be right around 60 degrees for the average high. 63 in san francisco and half moon bay and fremont, livermore, morgan hill, the warm spot at 67. oakland and santa rosa and san jose, all 66. tonight the clouds will keep us you, 40 in santa rosa, 42 in napa and fairly and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's and possibly 50 in san francisco. high pressure has been pushed out of the way and high clouds are streaming at us from the southeast but coming in from the southwest. the next system is diving south and it is trending dry. yesterday we talked about the limited cha
to the upper 60's for the areas as we look at santa cruz, 64. 68 in napa. 66 in concord. it is comfortable. overnight, it is going to school down. if you wick up now you will notice it was cooler this morning than yesterday. on the coast, 44 degrees is the low. 45 degrees in san mateo. 45 in antioch and napa and santa rosa the north bay valleys is where we will be in the upper 30's. the shopping weather is great and dry through the weekend but on monday we will be seeing the temperatures drop into tuesday and with the possibility of showers through tuesday into thursday. in traffic right new we have a couple of problems to get to, bart has 27 trains running on time and they will be adding seats for the black friday shoppers. northbound 680 we have an accident a car went over the side and it doesn't sound like major injuries were reported and we do not see delays. in san jose, southbound 880 at 237, this is the same case a car went off the roadway on the right-hand side and it doesn't look to be impacting. the nimitz is moving along fine through san jose and 280 into cupertino not too bad.
the area. 37 in napa. 40 at fairfield. mid-40's in los gatos. freezing next week. a nice weekend, though, ahead, with warm conditions and mild and that is going to change when we head into monday and tuesday next week. i will get into that in a little bit. the next 12 hours we have not a chilly start when the sunrises but partly cloudy skies it will be beautiful by 4:00 p.m. and 68 an the bay and inland and 62 along the coast and a calm evening ahead but we have a beautiful weekend and a cool down coming up. a solo crash on the on-ramp is causing a delay on eastbound and westbound i-80. if you are headed in and out of the fairfield, watch out. our mass transit shows no service for ace train. bart is on time. we have a couple of extra cars on bart to carry extra passengers. that is good news. this is a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic flowing nicely away from the maze into san francisco with no delays, no accidents, either. >> black friday shopping deals are here. which stores are dominating the sole media word of mouth. bloomberg business report is next. >> the bay area'
of the game presented by napa auto parts is that one. travin dural on theei recving end from the freshman of some influence today, anthony jennings from marietta, georgia. another youngster from georgia playing the quarterback position at l.s.u. with the touchdown pass, 49 yards and the alma mater heard with tears coming down the cheeks of mettenberger and 13 other seniors for this l.s.u. football team. this is why they love miles. he is a player's coach. he knows the words by heart. may have had "hail to the victors" in 1976 as a senior but he knows this alma mater as well. yet another reason why the south eastern conference is so much fun to cover. that is a last-place team you witnessed give one of the elite programs all they wanted today, aaron. jennings is an outstanding quarterback for this football team, made a very big play as the tigers win it in unusual fashion for les miles today, 31-27. for aaron taylor, kristina akra, tim brando, tomorrow the greatest iron bowl you will ever see with the most at stake in my lifetime. number one, alabama. number four, auburn. in the iron bowl.
s out there. mid-40s napa, 5 p #3 sapta rowsa, 46 walnut creek, 54 livermore, 54 oakland, 53 san francisco. winds are generally light and skies mostly clear. we're going to see a return of the patchy fog as we get into late tonight and early tomorrow reminder today spare the air today into the evening hours which means it's illegal for wood burning fires at least in and around the bay area through this evening unless it's your primary and only source of heat. that to be aware of. tomorrow we don't have a spare the air day. we have a ridge of high pressure that continues to build into the area. tomorrow will be the warmest day. i think we'll wake up with a little patchy fog like we did this morning. temperatures on the cool side and the second half numbers start to build and we're going to sor from 5 to 10 degrees above the seasonal average. this before a shot of winter weather comes our way in time for early next week. tomorrow will be the warmest day as we get into monday increasing clouds by second half of the afternoon. temperatures begin to fall but tuesday to thursday maybe
officials also say a 190-acre fire near napa is now fully contained. >>> well, meteorologist lisa argen here now. this is, you know, the thanksgiving holiday. a lot of people traveling. >> right. we've had a wind shift, fog in parts of san francisco along the shoreline, but here's a look from the embarcadero, yes, festively lit up. we'll talk about thanksgiving and whether or not that rain will be a reality as we get closer to the holiday. that's coming up. >> thank you, lisa. >>> also ahead, good news for holiday shoppers in san francisco. why streets near union square are open, even though there's a huge construction project below. >>> and you know there's black friday, cyber monday, and now thanksgiving thursday. michael finney tells u to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've sa
, but a cooling tower was destroyed. cal fire officials also say a 190-acre fire near napa is now fully contained. >>> meteorologist lisa argen here now talking about the all-important holiday forecast. >> yeah, we continue to cool off this morning, down to 30 degrees in santa rosa, so very chilly out there, and it is, of course, dry as a bone still. san francisco has a little bit of coastal fog. you are in the upper 40s. weill talk about the prospects of rain, the thanksgiving forecast, and the stay after all next. >> pretty sight there. >>> also next, good news for holiday shoppers in san francisco. why streets near union square are opened, even though there's a huge construction project below. >>> and you've got black friday, cyber monday, and now thanksgiving thursday. 7 on your side's michael finney tells us exactly when you should sh you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. hey! have yo
in the north bay and napa is at 37 degrees. the rest of the bay area inland, concord is 42 and 45 in los gatos. our conditions in san francisco are 52 degrees and along the peninsula into san jose, 47 degrees will be the current temperature. we have clouds that will burn off later at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy so for thanksgiving we have a lot of sun and that is when we will experience the cloudy conditions overnight. our turkey trot in san francisco is 52 degrees to get us going and by 10:00 a.m. from at&t park toward city hall, 57 degrees is the temperature. for the next 12 hours we have cooler temperatures to start and mid-60's as we head into the afternoon hours. now the traffic. with the drive time traffic we have clear conditions and no accidents and san jose is looking great. our mass transit is run on a sunday schedule but along 580 westbound, 33 minutes, 101 northbound, 85 to san jose airport and 280 northbound through daly city to san francisco is nine minutes. kristen and matt? >> next, we know that silicon valley is booming and a new report sometimes how much the san jose shark
about nothing half moon bay, a little deucey in the half moon bay from novato and napa, as well. but for concord this afternoon, another fair afternoon with the sky condition less than ideal. so we do have a spare the air again. the fourth of the winter season. the mild pattern does last through tomorrow, though. then look at the much cooler weather headed our way much of next week. the cooling begins on monday. so the air quality taking the hit in the north bay. so we really need to refrain from the burning and medium air quality from the east bay, central bay and into the santa clara valley. here's a look at our pacific satellite picture. you will notice the high clouds to the north will continue to sweep south. as high pressure noses into the eastern pacific, we will have the mild temperatures. the flow around the high allowing for a slight offshore push, and that will bring us up again well above average. so throughout the morning hours the cloud cover and then by the middle of the morning, probably about 10:00, 11:00, mostly sunny conditions throughout the afternoon and we
. >> reporter: in sonoma county, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in napa county the silverado fire is contained, burning 190 acres down from its original estimate of 300 acres. the fire started thursday night near the silverado train and sodo canyon road. at one point 50 homes were evacuated, but those orders were lifted yesterday. fire crews are now in mopup mode, the cause is under investigation. this national weather service map shows the mccake fire as well as two other wildfires that started today near clear lake. dam fire is burping and is 50% contained. the high glade fire has burned 350 acres in the mendocino national forest since it was spotted this morning. >> meteorologist mark tamayo, are the wind going to stick around? >> the winds have been trending down and trending in the right direction over past few hours. can you see at 6:00 this morning around the offshore zone in sonoma guy to the northeast of the geyserville, winds gusting to 50 miles per hour, but coming down throughout the day. at 4:00, we had a gust at 14 miles per hour. with the mccabe fire, it's 10 mile
there may be a shortage in the world supply of wine. as jane wells shows us, napa valley appears to have plenty to toast this year. >> cheers. >>> in a napa valley winery, willy and corey robertson of "duck dynasty" does the latest venture. >> i tried to make wine one time and realized i was not good at it. >> reporter: duck commander wines are selling in walmart expanding the audience in one wall street audience supports the world is running short on wine. >> are we going to run out of wine? >> no way. >> reporter: the shortage ended and looks like a bumper crop for the second year in a row. >> exceptional. it's going to be a vintage year is what they are saying. >> 2013 is a good crop in quantity and quality. it was up probably 4 million tons above average. >> bob is ceo of the nation's fourth largest wine producer behind labels, the best selling red in america. the company is spending $300 million to expand and even though overall volumes of wine in the u.s. are only up a little, revenues are growing faster as people trade up to wines priced 15 to $20. >> there is not much wine sold o
at these 30s napa rosa and san jose in the upper 40s and here is the forecast and time line for your thanksgiving. clouds and fog for your morning, partly sunny and at 3:00 we are on track to reach your afternoon highs. 61 pacifica and fremont and antioch 64 degrees and some changes will developing for your weekend and even next week we have more coming up in just a bit. >> thank you mark, we are covering traffic for you this morning, probably pretty light with traffic moving around the bay area due to the holiday. >> it is right, trying to figure out if there were any problems but this is the bay bridge toll plaza moving along just fine, it was not the case on highway 92 near the san mateo bridge and we will get to that in just a little bit but again the bay bridge is moving just fine. we will take you out to the gold end gate -- golden gate bridge maybe some people are heading to the fieftive tis and -- festivities and to perhaps work and we will keep an eye on traffic for you throughout the morning. >>> we have bringing news happening now in san jose, two people injured by gunfire
arrested. >>> a new group of investors coming forward to repeat napa's bottle rock festival. these entrepreneurs from napa presented their ideas to the napa valley expo board night and suggested shoateening the e- - shortening the event to three days, reducing the noise level and moving the date. they would pay off the vendors and workers still owed more than $8 million from this year's festival. >>> 7:12. an accused child predator from walnut creek is behind bars. how investigators accidentally stumbled across their suspect while investigating a different crime. >>> plus -- broken promises. legendary filipino boxer and politician, manny, pledged millions to help with the recovery efforts. we'll tell you why he may not be able to do that. >>> we keep seeing all of the high clouds. there's still a low. will that march northeast? i will tell you that and let you know if there's rain in the forecast. ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪
the board today from 60 at half moon bay to livermore, a warm spot at 65 and 64 in napa and santa rosa, oakland, fremont, palo alto, san jose, at 65. the commute? >> so glad of that portion of the conversation is over. good morning, everyone, at 5:00, we are starting you off accident free but we have a big of construction and congestion to get to. first, the congestion over the altamont pass, what is surprise, 37 miles per hour with bumper-to-bumper traffic away from tracy and 205 with things tapering off and we have eastbound traffic along 580 up to the dublin interchange. plan ahead. here is a look at our drive time traffic away from sausalito to san francisco, you are at eight minutes and highway 80 the bay bridge is eight minutes to get you from the maze to san francisco. the san mateo bridge headed away from hayward to foster city is 12 minute drive. outside, san jose, here we come, ready or not, 280, northbound, away from highway 17, a couple of headlights making it there in the northbound direction and it is still quiet. >> happening today the racial taunting of a black student
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degrees and chilly in the north bay about 38 in napa. pretty much our weather is going to be dry and over the welcome, as well. we have high clouds that will be with us through the morning hours and you will see them start to dissipate and mostly sunny this afternoon. that is good news if you are trotting with the other turkeys out there. today at at&t park, you will be under some partly cloudy skies and 52 degrees to get you going and you can see the temperatures do not get too high, 57 degrees by 10:00 this morning and that race ends at city hall. pretty fund out there. if you want to go to the beach be careful because we do have large western swells of possible sneaker waves and strong rip currents down to monterey from sonoma. we have clear conditions with no accidents do report. in san jose, we have top speeds and too fast, at 72 miles per hour along 101. be careful with the empty roads because we tend to put the pedal to the metal. the car went over the embankment but all lanes have re-opened but traffic is slow to recover from tracy to castro valley is 32 minutes and if you are tra
readings of 48 at santa rosa and no have the 0and fairfield. 44 in napa. 50 concord. 51 at livermore. one more live view along the embarcadero from roof top camera. forecast feature tomorrow will be another winter spare the air day. it means no wood burning but pleasant conditions coming our way. sunny mild tomorrow through the weekend and much cooler next week we financially get a winter like pattern developing. image for today shows the little fizzle out low pressure system that earlier in the week showed signs of producing maybe some rainfall for us today. well far awa from the coast line. lost its punch and we won't have any rain as a matter of fact. we have a dry holiday weekend and more mild weather. forecast animation starting 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. thin clouds throughout the day disappear quickly and sunny sky and sunny mild afternoon vl. overnight tonight clear skies. chilly in the north bay valley low temperature drop into the upper 30's at santa rosa and napa and fairfield chilly with low of 3 39. most other location we see low in the low to mid 40's a
upper 40's at napa novato fairfield concord. 50 degrees at livermore and live view from the roof top camera at abc 7 looking along embarcadero forecast feature tomorrow is another spare the air day second in a row so that means no wood burning through the spare the air period until midnight tomorrow night. mild pattern that we have now will be with us through the weekend but it's going to turn sharply cooler next weekend. feel like winter. pacific satellite image shows a little disturbance moved into southern california earlier today produced a little rainfall down near l.a. but fizzle out quickly and went in land and right now we have mainly calm conditions, clear skies across the state including the pwhai area so we xwp dry mild holiday weekend before the big change coming our way. start forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. may see few thin high cloud mav through the sky early morning hours but by midday certainly into the afternoon it will be sunny mild once again same pattern we have had for several days now. overnight tonight look for chilly conditions up in
for fairfield, livermore and napa. with that we do have some pretty dense fog. visibility has been reduced to just about nothing from the coast and a quarter mile through salinas and watsonville. elsewhere around the bay san francisco in the upper 40s and by noontime the fog will be gone. it lifts by about 9:00, 10:00. we will have upper 50s and low 60s. by the afternoon we are seeing very mild conditions. it is a spare the air day with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 today. we will cool off quickly by the evening hour. evening hours. we have another mild day before things begin to change. a look at the extended outlook. >> developing news from north korea wherefore the first time we are hearing from the palo alto man who has been held captive. he has been held for more than a month now. ama dates shows us the video posted by the state run news agency. it shows meryl newman reading an apology letter. >> these are the first images of meryl new man since he was detained more than a month ago. it is an apology letter explaining what he did against the north when he fought in the kore
bay where readings are expected to hit freezing. napa and santa rosa, 32 in fairfield. mid-to upper 30s. 40s by the bay. south bay around 40 degrees. as we go into the day tomorrow we have a cold start. we will have temperatures in the low to mid-60s. nice weather until thanksgiving. maybe a chance for some rain. >>> coming up on the kron4news at 11:00 a bay area mom and her daughter survive a dry-by shooting. if you are headed east for the holidays, brace yours. a yourself. a turkey shortage. . >> a mother and her two children dodged bullets in their car. nobody in the car was injured. police are still looking for the shooter in a dark green sedan scene turning south on hamilton avenue. >>> harsh winter storms. where they are hitting the u.s. the hardest. a big day in football. sports highlights coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told
. it is a couple degrees warmer. so 30s and low 40s but not as cold as this morning. 64 in napa and 61 in concord. highs tomorrow coming up just ae degrees and so the next couple of days pretty nice and warmer and plenty sunshine and a little frosty in the morning. wednesday night and thursday, maybe a little bit of wet weather south of san jose down the moneterey area. and 45 in hayward and 44 in fremont and the calendar tells you the whole story. it is been a dry we. as we get into thursday, this it the model wants to do, it takes the system of the greener and blue here, it is going to kick it up here. we are up here and if that happens we are not going to get much of anything. we'll watch it closely and it is a long way between now and thursday. we might get a little more wet than suspected. forecast highs tomorrow is nice day. and the five-day forecast, bay area weekend is clearly in view. the holiday weekend, friday and saturday and sunday look really nice. >>> a winter like storm is working its way across the country. the storm is expected to hit the road during the thanksgiving week. fligh
city and san rafael. 66 in napa. kron4 7-day. clouds, rain chance on thanksgiving. sunday is looking nice with sunny sky and a high of 67 for inland areas. >>> hot rods and high tech cars thanksgiving night. we bring you a preview of the san francisco international auto show at 8:30 thanksgiving night. you can go to to enter to win tickets. in sports the warriors lose their center for tomorrow night's game. rg3 and the redskins up next. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. frozen, natural, fresh. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a fresh safeway select turkey is just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. . >> good evening the 49ers are the kings of football. first is colin kaepernick and rg3. he will end up with a b
in the north bay. if you are headed up to wine country, napa topping out at 70 degrees. we do have high pressure in control here keeping things mild, dry for us. we are expecting a few high clouds streaming through today, but we do have a system approaching. that's going to usher in that cooler air by monday. monday night into tuesday we do have a chance of sprinkles but not expecting too much moisture with this system. it's really a cool-down. by midweek only getting to the low 50s for the warmer spots. temperatures dropping down to he freezing temperatures. you can see some of our overnight lows are going to get to the upper 20s. marty. >> janu, thank you very much. >>> a moment of truth is drawing near for tarreddable care act website. the deadline to get the working again is today. jill doherty has this update. >> reporter: withering criticism of the initial rollout of has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for saturday. the white house hopes it can do that, at least for the vast majority of users. >> and this website i
starting out again a very chilly start. 39nevado. 39 degrees in napa, 40 for santa rosa. 40s around the bay and 46 half moon bay. the patchy dense fog around sfo, half moon bay. it's out there. be careful if you have an early morning drive. these are high clouds, just associated with the tail end of the system that's moving way to the north of us and you can see it here as i back it up just a bit. that's really all we will get for today. it'll clear out by the second half of the afternoon and we will be mostly sunny. for the weekend around the bay area, little bit of hazy sun a spare the air. we will be try for the weekend. temperatures today a lot like yesterday but by tomorrow even slightly warmer and then binger changes are coming. by monday we are cooling it down. wednesday looks like it'll be one of the coldest days and in the extended forecast i will show you how cold. in addition to this cold weather the slight possibility of a few scattered showers, right now doesn't look like much. ten to 20%. barely worth mentioning but we may just get a few sprinkles and the snow levels will be f
on to the bay and san francisco temperature readings that the hour of 43 degrees at santa rosa, napa, novato, popular temperature reading right now 49 fairfield 47 concord 48 along the em back derek 0forecast feature. spare the air day tomorrow we mentioned that earlier. bear that in mind. sunny mild through the weekend. weather really pleasant and much cooler next week and chance of some light rain next week but right now dry conditions on pacific satellite image for the bay area that is. a little system offshore that has potential to bring us rainfall early in the week but moved away from the coast line. lost the energy and moisture and pose no, sir rainfall threat to us now so we have cry weather tomorrow and dry holiday weekend and mild as well. let's start our forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning mainly clear with just a few thin high cloud by midmorning to midday we see sunny skies and mild conditions once again reachmild conditions reach from the coast to our inland areas. overnight tonight mainly clear occasi occasional high clouds. chilly up in the north bay
had plenty of 30s in places like santa rosa and napa. 32 degrees in napa earlier today. we're talking about 66 degrees later on. a 35-degree jump for most of our bay area cities. this is what we're expecting as we head throughout this afternoon. mid-60s. 65 in san jose. 67 in livermore. 64 degrees in san francisco. so for today, mild and sunny. we'll see the 60s all across the board. getting into your tuesday, temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer. we'll peak tomorrow. then things change getting into wednesday. turning very cloudy, we're expecting our first showers as of wednesday night. so let's talk about that. that's the big story in the weather department. when are we going to get the rain? remember, you don't have to wait for your seven-day forecast anymore. we have it for you at the bottom of your screen. but let's take it to your futurecast. as you can see, we set this thing in motion. we stop the clock for you as we get into thursday morning at about 7:00 a.m. expecting our first showers. i want to show you the general nature of this area of low pressure. it's going
. this afternoon, still a few passing clouds, highs up in the mid-60s into livermore and also into the napa valley. about 66 in san jose. and 62 degrees in san francisco. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >>> word of a new crash in the commute direction in livermore westbound 580 involving up to five cars. these are the initial reports approaching the north greenville exit. our sensors aren't picking up slowing but we think lanes are blocked. they may be clearing it quickly. we'll let you know. in the meantime, traffic must be just super light coming out of the altamont pass. a lot of folks are beginning to take the day off for thanksgiving. usually the morning before thanksgiving is lighter. it picks up this afternoon especially towards the bay bridge toll plaza. there is some roadwork this morning on the span westbound and eastbound 80 should be picked up in the next 20 minutes. other bridges also look good. san mateo bridge maybe you're crossing it heading towards the peninsula. it's a nice drive towards sfo if you are making travel arrangements heading out or taking bart. so far
degrees for napa. >> the 7 day or around the bay shows a gorgeous weekend but a slight chance for rain for wednesday. it was also be cooler temperatures for monday. >> francisco international auto show is in the midst of its second day. the auto show held at the moscone convention center. features the world's major manufacturers displaying their latest cars, s-u-v, trucks and this weekend -- the auto show will be open from 10 a- >> still ahead-- an annual tradition. a look at the oak tree lighting in danville. >> a joyful kick off to the holiday season. there are great deals on line right now and i went on the web just to find the best kids. i will tell you what i found. >> coming up a sports and we have the warriors'. we have a shootout with the sharks are looking for their fourth straight win. i will have bill highlights for you coming up.n. i will have those highlights coming up for you. 5çwç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ççyçy5ç5çwç5ç5ç5ç >> hosting its annual event of the lighting of the old oak tree tonight. the tree lighting ceremony has become a tradition for families and the co
the golden gate bridge. we will look for patchy clouds. 39, 49 in napa and 50 in san jose. the temperatures are down as much as 25 degrees as we head to the middle of the workweek. a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up shortly. >> thank you so much. >>> the numbers for black friday are big, but not as big as last we year. the research firm shopper track says shoppers spent $9.4 billion. that's down from last year. combine spending over two days and it rose 2.3%. >>> from black friday to small business saturday it is a chance for local retailers to attract business over the shopping weekend. a retailer says his customers like the one on one experience. >> we are more direct to the consumer. i don't have a middle man. it comes from the market. people who know quality pay for quality. >> american express says customers spent $5.5 billion on small business saturday. >>> president obama did his part to support small businesses today. he and daughter sasha and malea hit a bookstore in washington where the president bought an impressive stack of books. >>> fremont police are looking for p
'll see the cool spot up in the north bay. 36 napa. inland, 40 degrees in livermore. upper 60s almost everywhere. 69 down in san jose. looking at the five-day forecast, we have some changes in store coming on tuesday. even the possibility of rain and it's going to cool down significantly and stabilize through next weekend. >>> some folks in a quiet neighborhood are atwitter. >> bird watchers claiming their next straining to catch a glimpse of something rarely seen in northern california. what all of the fuss is about. >> it's a sound that has berkeley bird watchers flocking to this tree. an extremely rare visit >> he's not supposed to be here at all. the only place i've seen them is in southeast arizona. >> more than rare, they say it's the first time ever that a painted red start has been spotted in northern california. here's what the little visitor looks like. black hood, white under its eyes. in the tree, to an untrained eye, almost impossible to see. everyone speaks in hushed tones >> he's back in the same spot now >> okay. >> i still can't see him, but two weeks ago, while drin
. 32 in santa rosa. and 33 in napa. areas like santa rosa, nearly 25 degrees colder this morning than where we were 24 hours ago. it has to do with the winds. very calm out there. it's a chilly start over parts of the east bay as well with 34 walnut creek looking at 36 as you get into areas like fairfield. let's shift to the north as we'll take a look. checking in right about freezing. 32 for you. 41 as you shift along the peninsula in the upper 30s for foster city, mid-40s for belmont. 47 at menlow park. 39 degrees for you. sunny veil is looking at 39 -- sunnyvale is looking at 39. low 40s reported in pittsburg as well. and the wind has been allowed to calm down as we have this system here, parked right about here. the pressure grading between the two driving the winds over the last few days. but the distance is becoming a little bit wider and again the ridge of high pressure is in control of the weather pattern for the next couple of days. for the afternoon, temperatures are under mostly sunny skies. low 650s for berkeley. and for san jose, 63 for you this afternoon and mountainview
and napa but is looking at 64. >> your kron 47 day all around the bay shows moderate for tomorrow but we will be cloudy. wednesday we will have increasing clouds and fog thursday, thanks giving that we may see light rain. everyone may not see this. the weekend if you are into the black friday shopping we are looking at the clouds clearing up and dry and warmer by the end of your weekend. >> let's take a quick look get traffic. we have an easy ride on westbound 80 no issues being reported. the san mateo bridges showing really nice conditions at this early morning our no problems on 92. the golden gate bridge is showing very little traffic right now on 1 01 southbound. it is pretty easy. >> more weather and traffic coming up. >> thousands of pg&e customers remain without power due to a downed wire in daly city this morning. the outage was reported at about 12:20 a.m. in daly city's westlake neighborhood, west of mission street, initially affecting over 65-hundred customers, spokeswoman jana morris said. around 2 a.m., crews had restored power to more than 4-thousand customers, but roughly
with the napa valley, 34 in santa rosa and 38 in san raphael so you'll likely see patchy frost in those areas. as we head toward the afternoon should be a mild finish to the day. temperatures will be running above the average as high as 66 in san jose, 63 san francisco and 63 mostly sunny in concord. okay let's check out your kcbs traffic with elizabeth. >> we've got slowdowns if traveling richmond there was a multi-cash crash blocking two lanes of traffic, the freeway already a busy spot this time of the morning and look we've got a good sized back up, a live look at cntonis right ther approaching central looks like right around central and cutting westbound 80 so you can see the delays. a couple red sensors means some speeds are below 25 miles per hour as you approach the accident scene. and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza still no metering lights awaiting them to be activated. you can see the middle lanes get by okay, so when the middle lanes fill in as well but the cash lanes are backed up towards the overcrossings, the acex train will be delayed about 25 minutes today impacting
. in parts of the north bay, 53 degrees in napa. 52 in fairfield. mid-50s to upper 50s in the south bay. if you jump ahead and look at the seven-day forecast, notice how those temperatures drop off. high temperatures by next week will be colder than the temperatures we see right now. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a minute. first the air quality issues, though. the lack of wind, stable air mass around the bay area of high pressure. fortunately again for the north bay, got to spare the air alert for the entire area. no wood burning tonight. we need the wind and rain to mix thing ups with our atmosphere. not going to get it with the light winds and the temperature inversion. spare the air tonight. very likely we could see another one as we head into tomorrow night and possibly into sunday. for the weekend, things are going to look just fine. the weather pattern will include some patches of low clouds on the coast. as we head through the morning just before sunrise, a band of high clouds goes on by. across the bay area. then back into the sunshine as we head through the after
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